As much as I enjoy writing blog posts, I especially enjoy talking with the designers/brand owners to find out a bit more about them. Today’s Blog Post is about the brand Tea & Tequila Trading that I came across when I attended the London Fashion Week Festival in February. I was about to leave the event and just so happened to venture into another area and I’m so glad I did!!

Millie and Sarah - Image Courtesy of Tea & Tequila

Millie and Sarah - Image Courtesy of Tea & Tequila

Best-friends Millie Wilson & Sarah Goodwin, on one of their many visits, fell in love with Mexico and it’s rich culture and from that love affair Tea & Tequila Trading was born. I had the pleasure of meeting and talking with the lovely Millie at the event who spoke to me passionately about the brand. She informed me that all the bags are designed in house and handcrafted by talented Mexican craftsmen and women.

I was so impressed at my first meeting with Millie that I purchased a beautiful hand woven strap and Cross Body bag. The bag has both a long detachable leather & chain strap and also a wrist strap which makes it extremely versatile. As you can see, the design which is very intricate and detailed is combined with vibrantly coloured premium quality leather. The bags have colourful patterned linings and are also available in a vegan option. Each bag also comes with a dust bag for storage and protection.

Image Courtesy of Tea & Tequila

Image Courtesy of Tea & Tequila

Millie’s enthusiasm and love for their brand was contagious and so I decided to sit down with them recently for an in depth interview.

Hello Millie and Sarah, thank you for taking the time to talk to me today. 

LaHG:- So who is Tea & Tequila?

T&T: - Tea & Tequila I suppose is Sarah and I, I am the British Tea side based in London, and Sarah is the slightly sexier Tequila based in Mexico City.

LaHG:- Why the name Tea & Tequila?

T&T: - Our brand is inspired by our love and respect for Mexico and our designs blend this with our chic London style and attention to detail.

LaHG: - How long has the brand been around for?

T&T:- We set up our company 3 years ago and have had our first products perfected for over a year.

LaHG: - Do you have a female fashion icon? Who is it and why?

T&T:- Our Female Fashion icon changes regularly but our top go to girls are Gigi Hadid, Rihanna, Frida Kahlo, Gwen Steffani

LaHG: - Where do you get the inspiration for your designs?

T&T:- When we are travelling and exploring in Mexico which we make sure to do once a year!

LaHG: - How long does it take to produce a bag?

T&T:- From start to finish.....3 weeks.

LaHG: - From the bag collection which one is your favourite?

T&T:- From the new collection we both love the white snake, and the classics that we will always wear are the Palm Trees, Sugar Skulls and Bananas.

LaHG: - Name a celebrity you would like to be seen with one of your bags?

T&T:- We would love for Beyonce to wear our bag!

LaHG:- Last but not least What advice do you have for up and coming brands?

T&T:- Don't be put off by the competition around you, stick to what you love to design and persevere

Image Courtesy of Tea & Tequila

Image Courtesy of Tea & Tequila

Tea & Tequila also have a jewellery line and hand woven bag straps which are really beautiful. The array of colours allows them to be paired with any other bag in your wardrobe that has a detachable shoulder strap. I purchased one that had blues and pinks and attached it to the clutch bag I wore in the How to Monotone Dress Like A Pro post. 

Images Courtesy of Tea & Tequila

Images Courtesy of Tea & Tequila

These ladies are hardworking and extremely committed. They recently launched their SS18 Collection in Fenwick, Colchester. So if you’re in the area why not pop in and show the brand some love. You can also follow them on Instagram to be kept abreast of all new developments.

Let me know in the comments which bag from the collection is your favourite. Hope you enjoyed this post. as much as I enjoyed writing it xx

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