For as long as I can remember I have always liked a horse and carriage. I even wanted one for my wedding day, but alas it wasn't to be. Anyway I digress. A horse and carriage has long been associated with princesses and royalty - think cinderella, so it's no surprise to me at least that one of my favourite brands has a horse and carriage as their logo. I am of course referring to the Coach Brand. I received my first Coach bag as a gift  in 1998, and back then none of my peers had even heard about the brand. I specifically remember requesting anything from Coach when my then partner went to L.A for work, and I still have the bag to this day!!

Fast forward to 2016 and my holiday to NYC. I of course had to visit Coach and I purchased a pair of lovely green suede shoes which are extremely comfortable.  I was in my element when I was invited to attend the launch event for the Coach House on Regent Street and fell in love with so many pieces from their new collection. The brand has evolved over time and I love the new direction that it has taken. Back in '98 the brand appealed mostly to the mature woman, but now I believe that the brand has more of a youthful/playful twist with pieces that appeal to everyone. The pieces are still of the highest quality and I can testify that they last forever.