Aviator jackets have been around for a long time. They definitely are not a recent design; however I’m loving the variations on both the style and colour of recent offerings. When I was growing up I always wanted a sheepskin one but didn’t like the fact that they all more or less looked the same. I prefer to wear items that are a little different in some way from what everyone else is wearing.  

So when I saw this beauty from Bershka I knew I had to have it. I actually purchased it from ASOS who sell lots of different brands, as it was sold out everywhere else. The vibrant red colour is what caught my eye. Some people may think it’s a bit too bright for the season, but I love bright colours and wear them all year round. Red has been all over the AW2017 catwalks and is also one of the biggest trends this season. 

Do you like wearing red? Do you have a lot of red items in your wardrobe? Let me know your thoughts in the comment section below xx

Black Beret | ASOS

Black & Red Aviator Jacket | Bershka ( Here)

Denim Shirt | New Look (Similar Here)

Jeans | Primark

Leather Debby Bag | Ralph Lauren (Save Here)

White Sneak Elyse | Stella McCartney (Save Here)