Hello my friends! Have a seat. Let me Tell you a story all about this denim cape!! Approximately 18 months or so ago, I started writing my Blog. As you may or may not know the blogging world is saturated with so many stylish and talented individuals. It was very daunting and I felt so overwhelmed whenever I thought about how I was going to navigate and also standout in this big sea of social media influencers. All I knew was that I love all things style and fashion related.

I done a course which basically talked me through everything from purchasing a domain to building a website to getting brand sponsorships and everything in between. One thing that the course also taught me was S.T.A.R - always leave people with (Something They’ll Always Remember), and that’s how I got the idea to blog about accessories (with a little bit of my style thrown in for good measure). That was one of the things that people always seemed to notice and remember about me.


You’re probably wondering what this has to do with the cape. Be patient I’m getting to that.

Anyway I wrote a blog post last year about polka dots. One of the tricky things when writing blog posts is finding relevant high quality images to use. I follow a really stylish designer on Instagram - Sade Akinosho and she has a brand called The Kemist Store. I saw that she had some beautiful polka dot pieces on her website. You hear so many stories of people on Instagram being quite standoffish and unhelpful. But I can honestly say that when I reached out to her by email and DM she was so accommodating and helpful. She gave me permission to use the images from her site. To someone like me who was just starting out it really meant a lot.


Well as I continue to follow her she regular posts items of her new designs. This denim cape was one of the many items that caught my eye. I just couldn’t resist purchasing it. I was happy to support an up and coming female designers as she was so kind to me. In life it’s so important how we treat others. Something that may seem minor to us could make a big difference to someone else. It’s not about giving to receive, because Sade didn’t know that I would purchase items from her site. I truly believe that it’s all about touching people’s lives in a positive way. A wise person once said:

Service to others is the rent you pay for your room here on earth.

Denim Cape | The Kemist

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