Every Season Designers, Stylists and those in the know predict what will be big and what we all will be wearing for the next season. This is known as trend forecasting. There are a multitude of trends for Spring Summer 2018, but for the purposes of this post I will be concentrating on one of my favourites. To be frank it is literally being touted as one of the biggest trends of the season.

I am of course talking about Polka Dots. You would have to be literally hiding under a rock not to notice that Polka Dots are major news this season. Now as much as those in the know are going gaga for polka dots, and it is being proclaimed as the new big thing, polka dots have been around for eons. I’m sure that if you look hard enough through old family albums you will find either yourself or some other family member twice removed sporting a polka dot outfit. I mean my girl Minnie Mouse has been rocking them since 1928. Anyway, I digress. For this season all the major designers have put their own spin on polka dots and you can get them in an array of colour combos not just black and white, and also dots of various sizes.

Selection of Polka Dot Dress from      Zara

Selection of Polka Dot Dress from Zara

There is no hard or fast rule that says that polka dots have to be worn a particular way. For a fresh take on Polka dots why not mix different sizes of dots like this dress from Topshop. 

Untitled design-2.jpg

If you cannot find a dress that has a combination of polka dot sizes, you can mix sizes using separates - top and skirt as seen below.

Image courtesy of Sade Akinosho -

Image courtesy of Sade Akinosho -

Or you can go a step further and create a chic look and mix colours like one of my favourite instagrammers. Sade Akinosho Creative Director, Designer & Owner of "The Kemist" – women’s wear brand. She has some amazing pieces in her collection in general, not just polka dot designs - which will have to be discussed another time. Check her out trust me you will not be disappointed.

Images courtesy of Sade Akinosho -

Images courtesy of Sade Akinosho -

The great thing about fashion and style is that you can put your own spin on trends. The good news is that dresses to swimsuits and everything in between can be found with polka dots. Have you developed a new-found love for polka dots? Or have they been a constant in your wardrobe? Let me know what you think.

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